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To understand your submissive man

Borrowed/modified this from the blog He rules the roost, she rules the rooster…

For those of us who have men that enjoy being submissive sexually, this can be frustrating.  Even if we are strong women who enjoy being the more dominant one, sometimes we just want to let go and get FUCKED!!  That is not to say that it can’t be fun being the dominant one, but it can be a long journey to find comfort in that role.  Our society has conditioned us into roles and stereotypes.  Men are supposed to be strong and dominant and women are to we weak and submissive.  The more that has been taught to us, the more difficult it is to come to grips with a submissive man.

Here are some signs to look for to confirm that your man is submissive and gets most of his sexual joys through submission to your sexual prowess.  This could also be thought of as a list of ways to enjoy your dominant role in the bedroom.  If you find when comparing your man to this list that it fits him…then buckle up, enjoy the ride, and push the limits to see just how much fun you can have.

Cunnilingus: Does he love doing this for you even if he doesn’t get fellatio in return?  This does not mean that he does not want it, but just that he would gladly bring you to orgasm orally without expecting anything in return.  It makes him feel dominated to perform but not receive.  You will find this is a common theme for the more submissive men…to perform, but not receive.

Massages: He gives you foot rubs or back rubs, but you don’t return them or he doesn’t ask for them.  He could voluntarily give them to you on his own or simply be willing to provide them when you ask.

Orgasms: Do you orgasm more than he does?  Sometimes it can be 10 orgasms for you before he gets 1.  Again, this does not mean he doesn’t want to orgasm, just that he puts your pleasure above his own and he puts his pleasure in your hands.  It can be amazing just how pliable a man is when you give him sex and pleasure without orgasm.  Test him and see just how willing he is to just go to sleep after you get your orgasm next time.

Orgasm Control A: Submissive men are actually turned on simply by their women having final authority over whether he comes.

Orgasm Control B: If a male orgasm is a go, the intensity of his orgasm is inversely related to the control over which he has over the orgasm.  Masturbation is the ultimate control.  He can alter the pressure and rhythm and have control over when hr ejaculates.  This is true to a lesser extent with man on top sex, where he can pause or speed up the thrusting.  If he is restrained and you are giving him a handjob, he has zero control.  He feels dominated and, all things equal, he has the best orgasms this way.

Orders: A ‘proper’ women in our society, this is probably the most difficult thing for us to grasp.  If we can, it will be the biggest turn on for our submissive men.  If we can get more comfortable with it so that we can develop punishments when our orders are not followed then the intensity goes up for our submissive men. Which leads us to…

Pain: Often times, submissive men are masochist, that is they like it when you are rough with them.  Your submissive man will feel controlled and dominated when he spreads his legs so that you can get better access to his balls, to slap them.  Sometimes that will be all they want that night, just the feel of being controlled and dominated more than the orgasm itself.

Restraints: Being bound and incapable of movement is the ultimate loss of control.

Being used: A submissive man will love to be your sex slave or sex toy.  His dick is yours to own, control and use.  Try this one out…One night, you are horny and he is asleep.  Crawl into bed and stroke his cock till it is erect, then mount him until you climax.  You then roll off him, kissed him, and said, “I hope you can get back to sleep”.

Orgasm intensity: He loves to watch you orgasm and knows that you enjoy yours more than he enjoys his.

Clothes: Being nude makes any of us feel vulnerable, even more so when others are still dressed.  If your man is a submissive, he will probably enjoy the CFNM (clothed female, naked male) fetish. See if you can get him naked without you having to remove any clothes.  You can really have some fun here once you get in touch with your dominant side, especially if you get turned on by watching him pleasure himself (like I do).

Cuckolding: This is the ultimate in submission.  He is saying that you are free to get any and all pleasure you want and he will stay faithful to you.  This may not be the case with all submissive men and even if they do enjoy the thought of it, getting them to admit it is even more difficult.  If you are really interesting in the cuckolding/hotwife lifestyle, you can most readily enjoy it with a submissive man.  Practice your dominance over him sexually and he will be putty in your hands.  Mold him into the cuckold husband you want.  

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