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bigdaddyt4u asked:

Fantastic blog! I really enjoy seeing a woman exploring with her cuck... I'm the Dom side and love being watched by cucks as their wives enjoy me. Keep up the great blog ;)

AWWWWW, I’m blushing!!!!!

It is always good to talk to a fan…maybe someday I’ll meet a fan or two or three or….okay, time to stop daydreaming. :)

Love your blog…got some real sexy stuff there.  I don’t mind letting go and being submissive, but I still prefer the dominant role

durty-goa-deactivated20130906 asked:

Huh. I just wrote a fairly long ask/comment, but Tumblr seemed to think there was a link embedded in it for some reason. My essential point was that most of us men are up for virtually anything sexually. Some demand a higher level of secrecy than others - but the desires are there. If he knows he can trust you implicitly - I think you'll be surprised what he would do for you. Sexually expressive women are amazingly sexy, and RARE. Are you also willing to reciprocate for his fantasies?

I take care of my man.  I think you will find that most cuckoldresses would do that.  I do let him have some fun and indulge in some of his fantasies, but not all…only give so much, just enough to make him keep coming back and wanting more.

He has told me the same thing, that he finds me very sexy when I get in one of my sexually expressive moods, so I can agree with you there.  

shooters14 asked:

Hey hiya... I luv a couple of the photos you like and yes a luv strong women self confident open about her sexuality and I enjoy seeing a woman openly express her men well buffed and hung. And I luv you title.... have this vision of you with a very wet pussy..enjoy

Glad to know we have common interest :)  And your vision is right on most days :)

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